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Free IPV among the college students Dissertation Example

Intimate partner violence Name Course Instructor’s name Date Most articles and journals have Identified Intimate partner violence (IPV) as one of the major problems worldwide. Thus there is the need to determine the predominance of intimate partner violence in the community. The analysis of these journals and articles most parts of the word indicates that IPV revolves around married people and the cohabiting partners (Ackerson et al., 2008). Consequently, there is a gap that exists on knowledge; bonds live in a society in the midst of unmarried gentlemen and women and those who are not cohabiting. It is from this relationship that the violence abounds. What this study is looking is intended to expound on this gaps. The study focusses on the intimate partner violence and mental well-being among the student's college in America. The study looks forward to answering the following question. What are the forms of the intimate partner violence amidst the college students in America? What are the factors influencing IPV among the college students? What are the outcomes of IPV on the college students? The analysis of the following three articles; “Journal of midwifery and women’s health”, “International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion” and American Psychological Association journal. They all indicate that adolescent and college-age women in America as in the rest of the world represent a particularly vulnerable group for intimate partner violence (IPV) (Campbell et al., 2008). Most of the children are always at their youth age when they join the college which is one of the factors that lead to intimate partner violence (Brownridge et al., 2008). Young people have come together to form organizations that help in combating Sexual gender-based violence in general and intimate partner violence in particular. This type of IPV has come about as a result of high rates of physical, sexual and psychological or emotional abuse in the society...
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