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Free Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dissertation Example

Key Performance Indicator Name Institution Key Performance Indicator Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a critical element in analyzing the effectiveness of a particular strategy related to supply chain in numerous organizations. Performance is often enhanced when weak links in the supply chain are regularly monitored. Organizational leaders should implement effective practices to ensure that the supply chain disruption is reduced to minimal levels. KPI such as cost analysis helps identify the key areas of success within an organization. Important KPI for Supply Chain Success KPI uncovers performance improvement opportunities. Most of the companies often fail to identify opportunities for success. Therefore, functional KPI such as cost analysis and sales allows the company leaders to minimize risks facing the company. Cost-effectiveness is an essential part of a supply chain success. Cost indicators often allow management of internal and external cost performance (Tewari, Singh & Tewari, 2016). Through the KPI critical issues relating to cost-effectiveness are analyzed irrespective of other elements of KPI indicators. The metrics involved in determining cost effectiveness include exhaustive metrics that accommodate a wider range of shortcomings. Warranty cost also determines performance success in an organization. The leadership can identify such problems and address them by ensuring that the suppliers meet the requirements of the business. The analysis is on the warranty cost ensures that the company minimizes the warranty cost thus reducing the extra cost that could be associated with product damages and losses. The supply chain management plays a crucial role in ensuring that the warrant6y cost is reduced (Leończuk, 2016). Cost analysis enables the companies to measure success based on specific targets and goals. Measurable elements should be regularly monitored to ensure that the relevant actions are taken to achieve success. Warranty cost is...
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