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Free Labour Movement Dissertation Example

Labour Movement Telecommunications Name Institution Labour Movement Telecommunications Given the fact that my parents are union employees, the union has helped me access scholarship opportunities which I am currently applying. According to the union’s policies, children of non-member parents are supposed to be denied the chance to benefit from the scholarships. What this means is that the scholarship opportunities are strictly intended for union members’ children. I look forward to doing my dream course that I would not have pursued if my parents would have been the ones paying tuition fee. This is because most colleges offer the course at an expensive charge. A collective voice of the union members leads to better wages and job security in the sense that it quickly attracts the attention of the government. Typically, it is easier for the government to listen to a collective voice than the voice of one individual (Joel, 2012). This is because it is assumed that a single individual has self-interests. One more reason is that the government is designed to address the rights of the common majority and not the few. This does not, however, mean that the government discriminates the few. It can consider the opinions of the few if their view promises to bring maximum happiness to all citizens or even workers (Joel, 2012). Other than attracting the attention of the government and then compelling it to act in favor of the voice of the majority, a collective voice of the union members leads to increased forms of benefits due to suggestions proposed by union members. What usually happens is that labor unions allow member employees to give their opinions with regards to challenges facing them. The idea is this case includes things that employers can do to create a favorable working environment. Union leaders then collect the opinions of the employees and then begin following the laid down steps to help bring about the change that union employees want (Joel,...
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