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Marion County Sherriff Department Law Enforcement Agency Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Marion County Sherriff Department Law Enforcement Agency Marion County Sherriff Department (Marion County, FL) law enforcement agency comprises of four divisions. The four divisions of Sherriff's law enforcement bureau include special operations division, patrol, criminal investigation department and the Juvenile Division (Law Enforcement Bureau, 2017). Each division has sub-units under it. The four divisions report to the Bureau Chief. Sherriff law enforcement agency provides a clear chain of command and authority which is essential for avoiding confusion within the agency. The patrol division is headed by a captain and controls 12 district offices supervised by a lieutenant. Each district is assigned uniformed deputies whose number depends on response time, population, crime rate, and calls for service. Marion County used a decentralized approach to fight crimes. Community policing focuses on dealing with crimes from the districts located all over the country rather than dealing with crime from a central point (Swindell, 2013). Decentralization of policing agencies enables the law enforcement agency to access and serve Marion County citizens better. The special operations division is headed by a captain and has multiple specialized units such as Field Force, Bomb Squad, SWAT, Hostage Negotiations, Underwater Recovery, Marine Units and Bike Patrol (Swindell, 2013). The Special Weapons and Tactics Unit (SWAT) is made up of a team of professionally trained, well-equipped, and devoted deputies willing to provide security in risky environments. The SWAT team offers safety and protection to the public as well as the other law enforcement personnel while minimizing incidences of death or injury (Law Enforcement Bureau, 2017). The team maintains peace through negotiations and use of specialized equipment. Some of the situations that require SWAT intervention...
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