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Effective leadership and its applications Name College Evaluation Personality plays a lot regarding one's leadership. There is usually a positive correlation between leadership and the personality traits that an individual have. Adair (2015) indicates that having a high personality enables one to develop different traits which allow them to have an openness to the new ideas. It is what leads to the increased perception of the leadership effectiveness based on the personality that an individual has. However, accepting to learn as a leader offers a clear opportunity for avoiding stagnation when exercising leadership skills. Just as David R. Tuzson puts it, being ready to learn and having a clear vision helps any leader to make decisions which may sometimes prove to be tough. Criticism As much as there is a higher correlation between personality and leadership effectiveness, not every leader is born with such innate traits. David R. Tuzson had the dream to be a leader meaning that he had the innate personality in leadership. Leaders sometimes have to learn the different leadership traits which not only allow them to be good leaders but also being distinguished among the subordinates. Personality tends to focus so much on the perception of the follower group thus leaving behind the necessary measures for effectiveness. Personality mainly focuses on the leadership effectiveness based on the psychological structures limiting the teaching and learning values about leadership. Effective leadership should not only be based on the personality that an individual possesses but rather the ability to learn and admit personal weaknesses (as cited in Adair, 2015). Feedback Leadership should not only be based on the personality that an individual possesses. The innate personality should not be just used in ensuring essential leadership. Different situations usually require different traits, and therefore one's personality trait cannot be...
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