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Free Leadership TED TALK Dissertation Example

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date: Leadership According to Simon Sinek, people do not buy what you do, but rather why you do it (Sinek, 2014). Great leaders who have a competitive edge over their competitors lead successful organizations. Simon applies the Golden Circle of What-How-Why to explain why some people and organizations succeed while others fail. Sinek expounds that while most people think, act, and communicate from the Golden Circle, Inspired leaders think, act, and interact from the inside out of the circle. Moreover, he claims that inspiration leaders hire individuals who believe in the vision of a company and not those looking for jobs (Sinek, 2014). The Ted talk by Simon Sinek is an inspiration because it challenges the audience to believe in their dreams despite the likely challenges. Moreover, Sinek challenges all leaders to motivate their employees to work towards a set goal rather than just occupying a leadership position. Sinek's talk is interesting because by advising people to believe in their aspirations, he reveals that one will take challenges as stepping-stones and are not problems. Relatively, Sinek makes a relevant point in advocating for inspirational leaders as they enhance teamwork towards a similar goal (Sinek, 2014). In the talk, Sinek uses historical examples to motivate his audience because there are tangible results. For instance, Sinek gives examples of the Wright brothers against Samuel Pierpont Langley to convince the audience the importance of ‘why’ over what one owns in a startup. While Samuel was driven by wealth and power, the Wright brothers were motivated to change the course of history with powered. Consequently, the Wright brothers achieved the first flight. Samuel quit (Sinek, 2014). Relatively, students should go through formal education to enlighten themselves on starting their businesses. Otherwise, there will be many dropouts with the realization that there are limited employment...
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