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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Like Toy Soldiers, Composer: Eminem, Performer: Eminem, (YouTube, 2009) Like Toy Soldiers is more than just the vocals and the lyrics; it is an art. To enjoy and understand the song at the same time, one needs to pay close attention to the lyrics and the beats. The melody in the song (Like Toy Soldiers) and tone variations come out naturally. Without paying much attention to the lyrics, the experience from the sensuous plane point of view is natural and breathtaking. It makes one feel they can easily sing along. The musical sound in it is also very attractive. The rhythm of the song is also simple to follow; makes it easier to get the lyrics. The song’s expressive plane is also very evident. Eminem stresses the message through the song's chorus. His expression is clear and concise that even thirteen years now since its release, the song can still be easily understood. In the song, Eminem tries to end the feud that had created a rift between Ja Rule and 50 Cent. He refers to his past and present to address issues around him. The sheerly musical plane is hard to notice for a start as it is what oils up the other two planes, but closer attention to the beat in the music and the tones used makes it easily identifiable. Knowing and having confidence in his lyricism abilities, Eminem maximizes the power of this to accentuate the other two planes. My listening to music is always a simplified one, to find a musical appeal in it first before paying attention to the lyrics. I have a preference for listening to the musical touch and lyrics separately. In most cases, I listen to a song more than once given the songs musical appeal is satisfactory. However, having learned about the third plane adds a dimension to my listening and particularly what to look out for in music. Works Cited“Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers.” Youtube, uploaded by EminemVevo, 25 Dec, 2009,
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