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Free Literacy Autobiography Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date  Literacy Autobiography I grew up in a family that was not fond of television. This was partly because no one really bothered to watch and partly because my parents were always busy doing other things. Mom ran a busy grocery shop and dad was a casual laborer in a neighboring company. This left me, the first born in a family of three to somehow watch over my younger sister and brother. Our neighborhood was then filled with small girls and boys that we spent time together with during the day; playing, eating and being sent around by any of our mothers. I think mom considered it unsafe for us to stay in the house and watch a cartoon-like every other child because maybe we would throw balls over the television screen or trip over the cables that ran through the weary carpet. All the same, we survived through the days and learned to have many other games and activities besides watching. The worst part of this experience was when I joined kindergarten and the teacher asked us to share our favorite actors or programs and I did not have the slightest idea of what she was asking for (Mellix 261). This made my classmates laugh at me and later on tease me during break time. With time, however, I realized that reading made me very occupied that I did not have time to listen to their teasing and feel bad all day, and sometimes cry. By the second grade, I was already reading short stories that uplifted my spirit and made me smile. I started collecting stories even from the English books of the upper grades. What mattered to me then was that I could understand the theme of the story and it was easy to relate with. I developed a liking for family stories, adventure and the general nature of the society. Some of the stories I read, I came to understand their deep meanings and interpretations in my late elementary classes. For example, I read Ray Bradbury’s There will come short rains when I was in grade three for sheer enjoyment and...
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