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Local Anesthetic Student’s Name Institution’s Affiliation Why is it important for SW to know these reactions? A social worker plays a vital role in the society by ensuring the society’s morality is upheld, which consequently decreases social crime such as drug abuse, prostitution, and corruption. In the cases of drug abuse, the social worker ought to know the types of the drugs commonly abused in the locality, their reactions, short-term effects, long-term effects, and the treatments available. Most of the commonly abused drugs have medicinal uses, whereby they are used as local anesthetics (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2016). Therefore, the knowledge of the reactions from local and general anesthetics is crucial to social workers since they can relate them to commonly abused drugs in their areas and be in a position to offer an informed solution. The social workers identify individuals who take injections of the illegal drugs with ease. Additionally, the social workers can liaise with the relevant authorities to track down the drug peddlers and the drug traffickers. What connection can you make with cocaine once being a local anesthetic to effects one could experience with it going into the bloodstream and now being an illegal lethal drug? Over the years, Cocaine was used as a local anesthetic. However, due to its addictive and consequently abuse, it was classified as a narcotic drug and thus has a limited medical use, where it is used in the ear, nose and throat surgeries (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2016). Understandably, it is the addictive nature of cocaine that limited its use, since most patients became dependent on it after using it for some time. Cocaine was initially used as a local anesthetic. As such, like any other local anesthetic, the injection into the bloodstream causes increased heartbeat, blood pressure, hallucinations, increased happiness, sweating, and increased body temperature. The feeling caused by the cocaine...
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