Love for God in the Hebrew Old Testament versus the Greek New Testament Dissertation Example

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Free Love for God in the Hebrew Old Testament versus the Greek New Testament Dissertation Example

Introduction of Free Theology Dissertation Example: 1. Historical Background. 1.1 The Problem of the English Translations of the Bible. The English translations of the Bible present a fundamental problem to this dissertation since, while rich in synonyms that help dispelling the ambiguities that stem from the lack of terms for love in the English language, King James Bible (KJB) and many subsequent translations in English lack the necessary words to explain the terms that are commonly translated as “love” in the English versions of both Old and New Testaments. For that reason, these ambiguities in the English text constraint the translated text, and while many of those words might be translated as “love” the English word just lacks the expressive qualities that can be found in Hebrew and Greek language. Not because English is a minor language in front of the others, but simply due to the lack of words in the language to express the distinct feelings of love in the same way Greeks and Hebrews did. From that perspective, albeit Bible scholars no longer contemplate the Old Testament as the foundational stone, the text still holds a capital importance to bible exegetes as another way of understanding the nature of Christian theology. Writing a theological account of terms in the Old Testament requires not only knowledge of the terms, something these first translators decidedly had but also a degree of understanding of the culture and production of the Hebrews. However, these occurrences could not only limit the scholars’ understanding as they could also obscure the meanings of certain passages that might add to or diminish the text’s coherence. Likewise, the development of conceptions of morality, as demonstrated in the Scriptures is part of the creation of a social consciousness and moral responsibility of both Israelites and Christians, showing how love changed from a pact to a freely given feeling. It is for that reason that William Badae says in...
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