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Free Marketing Strategy Dissertation Example

Marketing strategy Name Institution   Marketing strategy Marketing involves a necessary communication on a particular product by the manufacturer to the target consumer who might be the potential buyers in the market. During marketing, the 4P’s is essential to consider whereby the strategy of selling is dictated by the price, the product, place, and the promotion technique. The segmentation of the market is essential to determine the target buyers where it is also dependant on the variables in the segmentation. Property strategy in communication, distribution, and education on a product influences the desire of the buyer to go for that product in the market. When developing marketing and there must be potent ingredients that can convince the people who will develop a positive attitude to purchase the product. Novels are products in the market that will require a proper understanding of the segmentation to target during the marketing process. Within the market segmentation of the demographic, the marketers target the educated individuals who will always want to spend most of their time in reading. The taste and preference of the product which is a book attract those educated who use most of their leisure time reading. The price of the product is necessary even apart from the promotion strategy that will be applicable. Novels are sold in most parts of the country primarily targeting those will the knowledge and appreciates the need for books. Most citizens can be learned but will not be creating time to read the novels. In the market, it is essential to educate the intended buyer on the importance of understanding books. A marketer should explain in detail how the stories cover and brings a picture of lifestyles and hence teaching on the best (Kotler & Keller, 2007). Much time will be spent on the education process just like the novel shop at the center of the town which creates different forums of which they pay for lunch and sitting allowance....
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