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Free Medical Doctor Scholarship Dissertation Example

Student’s Name, Zip Code, Street, Telephone Address. Date: Department Head, Department, Zip Code, Street. Dear Sir/ Madam, As from when I was young, I always wanted to be a medical doctor. Fascination by this practice captured my heart from a tender age. Seeing a society where everyone lived happily without sorrow created in me a hunger to change all that reversed such a state. This drive led me to pore through medical resources at the local library in search of an understanding of my society's wellbeing. It is this search that transformed my musings about a career in medicine into a solid aspiration. I would wish to major with biology as my career goal is to be a pediatrician. However, being under the care of a single mom, together with other two siblings, our family finances are not adequate for the achievement of my dream, and I risk not joining college altogether without financial intervention. Good moral fiber and character are what I have always strived to achieve through my long-term commitment to community service. Trust can only be earned by having encounters with people but, due to the passion I have for pediatrics, I pledge that it will pay off to consider me for the scholarship. I believe in operating in good faith and at utmost honesty to avoid jeopardizing my hard work by doing the right thing at the right time. In all my previous school years I always get elected to leadership positions. Further, I feel satisfied while serving people. Patience is a very important virtue and this I possess. I am willing to exercise patience with people and processes as that will positively impact my career and life in general. All these qualities I possess will enable me to be goal oriented and loyal to my sponsors giving them the very best of my ability. It is my knowledge that your organization focuses on building individuals whose careers impact the community directly. As such, I wish to play a role in influencing a generation today for a healthier...
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