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Free Meditation And Wellness Dissertation Example

Meditation and Wellness Name Institutional Affiliation Date Meditation and Wellness Theory Information Hemo and Lev-Ari’s article (2015) involves a study examining the relationship between the concept of meditation and its effectiveness in reducing rumination and depression. Researchers have found evidence linking the process of meditation to individuals experiencing reduced ruminative and depressive symptoms. According to Hemo and Lev-Ari, the study focuses on the relationship between the indices of the effect of meditation on both rumination and depression in a non-clinical setting. Although Hemo and Lev-Ari do not specifically mention the study’s assumptions, it is clear that they assume that meditation works the same for experienced and inexperienced meditators. This assumption is clear in the researchers’ description of the method of the study in that their participants comprise of both practicing meditators and inexperienced ones. Additionally, the researchers base their study on the argument that mediation exercises such as yoga improve the physical, mental and emotional wellness of those who practice them. Therefore, the article’s purpose is to reinforce this theory by examining the extent to which it is effective. Hypothesis For this study, the research question is clear and completely testable based on the experiment design. The researchers sought to determine whether meditation indeed helps lower depression and rumination. Under this research question, the researchers have come up with four hypotheses, which they intend to test during the study. It is worth noting that these hypotheses are all testable as well. The manner in which the research question is structured does not imply any hidden assumptions by the researchers. However, only one assumption is discernible in the researchers’ description of the experiment. The study assumes that the meditation is as effective for amateur meditators as it is for experts. Further, the...
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