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Student's Name Professor's Name Course Date What Is Professional development? (Midwife Nurse) A midwife nurse is a registered nurse who has extra training as a nurse and delivers infants while providing newborn care, post-partum and prenatal care to women. Professional development is the continued betterment of professional knowledge, and improvement of skills for personal benefits, patients and the wider profession in general. Professional development is the commitment to being professional, and updating yourself on what is new, and willing to improve what you already knew. This paper is intended to plan on how to study for a bachelor’s degree in nursing and masters while I take care of the family as a single mother. It is intended on how I can achieve my goals of being a midwifery nurse but not at the expense of my kids (Norman et al. 65). Despite achieving my goals as a midwife, I intend to achieve financial stability which will help me provide for my family. Professional development in midwifery principles is that it sharpens the individuals’ knowledge and experience and help link the individual learning to their practice. Professional development in nursing and midwifery is very important since members of this profession will be able to deliver high-quality nursing and midwifery to the patients and be at par with the current technology which affects this profession. In this profession, the knowledge which is required continues to expand while the number of patients is also increasing. This is why it will be important for me to pursue a bachelor's degree and master’s degree. Being also registered will be an added advantage for me as I begin this learning process. To finalize it would be important for me to get to know the information on what I have requested so that I can be able to balance my time as a single mother while studying. Work Cited Norman, Ian J., et al. "The validity and reliability of methods to assess the competence to...
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