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NORMS Professor University Date Norms Culture is the characteristics of a given society. Culture is characterized by the beliefs, customs and the way of life of a community. A norm is a component of a culture and is defined as social behavior that is usually considered to be normal. It is what is correct or incorrect in a specific group of people, society or nation. Basing the meaning of a norm in a sociological perspective, it is an informal guideline that governs the behavior of a community. Norms are the most overlooked component of culture, and there are different norms of different societies. In our society today, gender-specific dressing of children is an issue and has been an issue for many communities. Culture is defined in two ways; there is the material culture and the non-material culture. In the material culture, this includes art and material objects whereas the non-material culture is defined as the idea of a society (Barkan, 2011, 10). The material culture is inclusive of the tools, clothing, technology, and means of transport and the eating tools. The material culture includes the language of a community, beliefs and the symbols that recognize the community. Norms are divided into two the formal and the informal types of norms. Formal norms which are also referred to as the mores or the laws are the standards in the society that are considered the most important and are prioritized (Barkan, 2011, 10). Informal norms also referred to as the customs or the folkways are the standards of behavior that are considered t of less importance in the society. Example of a formal norm are the criminal codes whereas an example of an informal norm is table manners. Clothing being a material type of culture has become an issue in our today’s society. The dressing codes have changed from men wearing as women whereas women dress like the men. When defining clothing, clothing is regarding the dresses, trousers, tops, and shoes also hair and makeup is...
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