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Free Nursing Situation Dissertation Example

Nursing Situation Student’s Name Institution’s Name Nursing Situation Nursing Situation Mr. Smith got admitted to the step-down unit six weeks ago. While on vacation in Columbia, Mr. Smith got poisoned, but it got handled. After coming back to the United States, Mr. Smith’s deteriorated further leading to his admission. On admission at the step-down unit, Mr. Smith reported feeling weakness and tingling in his extremities, in addition to that he got paralyzed. Mr. Smith required close attention after he got paralyzed; he needed help doing necessary things like turning on his bed. Upon diagnosis, Mr. Smith had Guillain Barre Syndrome. Given the conditions of the patient, he was put on a ventilator and a feeding tube as he had difficulties breathing and eating. Standard clinical procedures directed that patients who cannot turn on their own get help turning after two hours. The family of Mr. Smith wanted him turned after fifteen minutes. The demands of the family could not get met as one nurse had four patients to take care of in the step-down unit. Unit members did express displeasure on the demands of the family. The family of Mr. Smith was rude to the nurses even if the wife and the kids were evidently in fear, pain, and desperation. The many demands of the family may have been due to the vast resources owned by the Smiths. Nursing Theorist In the case of Mr. Smith, Florence Nightingale’s theory of Environmental adaptation serves the demands of the situation. The method aims at offering a holist approach to the nursing scenario presented. Under the holistic approach to medical care, every aspect that could hinder the healing process of a patient gets assessed to determine the best choice (Frisch, 2000). The canons of medical care as enunciated in the Environmental adaptation theory apply the case of Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith cannot help himself while under medical care, he must depend on the nurses to turn, bathe, and eat among many other things he...
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