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O’Keefe Lane Student’s Name Institution O’Keefe Lane Introduction There are more than 2400 community laneways in Toronto which comprise an average of over 250 acres of public space ( 2018). Apparently, the laneways are perceived as the paths to access to properties while they are substantially underused. Similarly, O’Keefe Lane which gives them access to the Ryerson University campus is not exclusive. Like almost all the public, lanes in Toronto and other lanes in major cities, it is used as a store for garbage and the collecting points for waste, smoking zones for the public and a path for ease access among others. Conversely, O’Keefe Lane can be utilized and employed to serve the public and the university much better. Hence this is a report on my observation on the laneway and how it works as a public space, the proposal for its improvements and their effectiveness. A public role is a much significance to the community as it plays a major role in satisfying the public territory. Public spaces occur in a wide variety of forms and sizes; form the international bodies to small streets in the neighborhood. According to Vikas Mehta (2014), a public space involves the connection between the space and the people in respect to engineers while the sociologists perceive the public space as the relationship between people and their social dynamics. Similarly, different setups define public spaces to in their perspective. Different open spaces have the different users in the community concerning the size of the space, the locality of the space and the environment. Form the medieval times, the public areas in towns have been acting as the centers for communication as well as entertainment, other performed political or religious meetings in these places (Vikas, 2014). However, Mats Lieberg (1995) disagrees with this notion claiming the public areas are not meant for public meetings, political or religious rallies; instead, he argues that in the...
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