Market Entry Strategy for Online Games Dissertation Example

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Free Market Entry Strategy for Online Games Dissertation Example

Technical abilities as well as the increased level of innovation, creative industry has become very popular. In fact, it is the primary source of competitive advantage in several countries. Highly established creative industry production centers include Japan, U.S., and a greater part of Europe. However, there are emerging creative sectors in China and Korea where the online game industry is growing so fast (Lovell, 2010). Increase in the level of creativity in the gaming industry has created an opportunity for a unique media outlet as compared to the traditional ones. For instance, creativity leads to the creation of interactive media outlet that helps firms promote brand awareness more particularly in the internet marketing companies such as iQU (Takahashi 2011). Increased rivalry and entry of new firms in the gaming industry has made it difficult for the already existing companies to maximize the profit. As such, highly specialized, creative advertisement, and promotional strategies such as the use of advergames are required to help increase the competitiveness of the players. The mission of iQU is to stress the need for modern and highly creative online advertisement to the rapidly growing industry. Consequently, the primary goal is to look for ways in which the advergames can be used to enhance brand awareness as well as improving engagement among the iQU’s customers. The greatest opportunity that iQU has is to understand potential online customers and their behavior on behalf of the online game publishers. In fact, iQU has a large database containing information about players and their actions online, mobile devices, and social media (Takahashi 2011). Consequently, it can perform much better in marketing using various advergame elements as compared to traditional advertising (Jayswal & Puja 2017). The rich knowledge concerning gamers gives the iQU the opportunity to provide consumers with a platform where they can engage with each other while...
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