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Discussion Questions Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The criminal justice system is a collection of procedures applicable for the determination o the existence of crime and prescription of remedies for the aggrieved as well as punishment for the offender. The systematic organization of procedures makes it possible for law enforcement officials and civilians alike to understand the consequence of specific actions and adhere to prescribed societal behaviour. This paper explores various aspects of the criminal justice system and processes. The goal is to elaborate on specific issues relating to the subject. The paper provides a comparison between the federal and state judicial systems. The goal is to highlight similarities and differences between the two systems. The paper also explores the integration of biblical principles in the criminal justice process. Lastly, the paper explores some of the aspects affect individuals involved in the decision-making process, and those involved in the criminal justice process. Notably, the uniformity of the application of principles governing criminal justice processes makes it possible for decision-makers to make appropriate decisions, even in the circumstances exhibiting complications. Discussion Questions Comparison between the Federal and State Judicial Systems The federal and public judicial structures form two parts of a single justice system unit. The two categories bear a significant number of similarities but also exhibit unique differences. One of the similarities is that both systems apply the same principals when dealing with civil and criminal cases (Nash, 2017). In both cases, the standard of proof for civil cases is measured against a balance of probabilities. Additionally, civil cases focus on disputes between individuals. Similarly, both systems apply the same principles when dealing with criminal cases. The courts in both systems apply the same standard of proof (Nash, 2017). The...
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