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Discussion Questions Name: Institution: Discussion Questions Online learning can seem challenging for most students as it is different from traditional classroom setups. However, with the use of various strategies, students can succeed in the online learning environment. The first strategy I will use to enhance my online learning at MSW is regularly communicating with my professors. This strategy involves communication through emails and phone calls and other forms provided by MSW. For example, if there is a concept or phenomenon I do not understand during the online session, I will write an email to my professor so that he or she can provide clarification. Additionally, I will also employ the strategy of engaging with my classmates. For example, I will respond to discussion posts by my classmates. Moreover, this strategy also involves providing my classmates with scholarly material that we can exchange and improve our knowledge (Bachner, 2018). Communicating with my professor regularly is routed on the fact that I can get my questions answered from a person with authority in the course. Additionally, the professor can also address any concerns I have about the online course. For example, if I find the course challenging, I can ask my professor to recommend strategies on how to improve. Further, this strategy will help me expand my professional network by establishing references for future career opportunities. Engaging my classmates, on the other hand, will help me gain new insights on the online course from different perspectives. I can also cultivate relationships with these classmates and include them in my professional network. Additionally, my classmates can also clarify on some of the concepts I may not understand while I also do the same. In general, each of these strategies will ensure that I improve my online learning at MSW. Reference Bachner, J. (2018). Five Essential Online Learning Strategies | Advanced Academic Programs | Johns...
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