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Free Organizational Development Dissertation Example

English 101 Organizational Development Institution Affiliation: Student’s Name: Date: Before you begin writing your essay next week, you should have four to five sources. At least three should be academic journals from library databases, such as Academic Search Complete and/or Springer eJournal Collection, which provide scholarly research from scientific journals. The remaining sources may be from local news media, which is also available, through library databases like  HYPERLINK "" NewsBank’s Florida Newspapers edition.  Remember to keep your research as local as possible. Documentation should be in APA style.  You can retrieve APA citations from the databases.  Good resources for APA style include Purdue OWL and SPC’s Guide on Citations.  Begin by spending some time searching for articles in the library databases. Visit this link for help additional help finding sources. Download and fill out the following chart. Include all of the sources you plan to use in your essay. You can add or delete sources later, but you should include at least four viable and credible sources at this time. Once you have completed the chart, submit it to the dropbox in the module. Source 1 1. Provide the name of the article and the author in the box to the right. International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management 2. Use this video to help you find an retrieve an APA citation for article and place in the box to the right: Young, J. (2009). Knowledge and Learning Frameworks. The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture, and Change Management: Annual Review, 9(10), 67-82. doi:10.18848/1447-9524/cgp/v09i10/49814 3. Evaluate the source: In the box to the right, write 75-100 words about why you chose the source. Answer the following questions: What relevance does the source have to your local issue? Why is this source credible (consider “ethos”)? How will you...
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