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Student’s Name Instructor Course Date Answers Desdemona presents a more naïve viewpoint of affection and love, as she does not want to imagine herself cheating on her husband. She says, “No, by this heavenly light!” on the other hand, Emilia is realistic about relationships and realizes that men cheat. She argues that relationships are a little evil to women in the world that is against them. A handkerchief is used as a symbol of Othello’s love to Desdemona. Desdemona is to “kiss and talk to” the handkerchief regularly when missing her love. Iago uses the handkerchief for the manipulative purposes. He had previously learned that it had a meaning in Othello’s relationship. Iago places the handkerchief to Cassio’s possession and makes it look like he is having an affair with Desdemona, making Othello jealous. Othello takes the claim for infidelity because he is insecure. He does not consider himself part of the society because he looks different from the others and characters like Iago treat her differently. Desdemona assured Othello of her love. Othello says, “She had eyes and chose me.” However, his insecurity still makes him vulnerable for manipulation by Iago. Emilia managed to defy her husband at some point that overturned Iago’s plans. She exposes the Iago’s organized plot to the people from Cyprus. Iago kills Emilia at the end of the play, but initially planned to kill Othello who had found the truth of Iago’s manipulations. Emilia blocks Iago’s fulfilment. She tells Desdemona, “I will play…and die in music,” as she was dying. Othello comes out as a noble and admirable man but very jealous husband despite assurance from his wife of her love for him. Iago, on the other hand, is portrayed as jealous of Othello as well. He is also revengeful against Cassio who is promoted ahead of him yet he is a Venetian native. He says, “serve my turn upon him.” Lastly, Desdemona is humble, trustworthy and loving. Othello...
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