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Free Over-Parenting Student’s Dissertation Example

Discussion: Over-Parenting Student’s Name Institution of Affiliation Discussion: Over-Parenting There exists an inherent relationship between the child and the parent where the latter assumes the position of the protector. Parents, especially mothers are concerned about the safety and continued survival of their offspring by creating a favorable environment. The instinct to cater for the child’s welfare is said to be crucial. This is because it has a lasting influence on the developmental outcomes of the kids, as they transition from one stage to the next. Most of the research and debate concerning the parent-child relationship is pegged on the detrimental effects of negligence on the proper development of children. However, new studies have shown that the concentration of caregivers not getting involved in their children's lives has shifted the attention from the adverse effects of over parenting (LeMoyne, & Buchanan, 2011). The issue of over-involved parents is gradually becoming an issue of concern in the contemporary world, leading to its connection with both long-term and short-term consequences on the individuals' character and interactive processes. The dilemma has been in deciding the appropriate form of parenting style with regard to children affairs as well as the extent of the participation by the parent. According to, Julie Lythcott-Haims, there exists two paradigms when it comes to parenting both of which may be to the detriment of the kid if not addressed efficiently (Lythcott-Haims, 2018). The first is the obsession with negligence where it was observed that parents are not interested in their child's education, nutrition and any other aspect related to their upbringing. In such a case, the kid develops psychological problems that may result in severe mental conditions such as depression. Moreover, delinquency has been associated with incorrect parenting typologies where individuals are exposed to violence at an early age hence...
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