Poem Analysis Fire and Ice Dissertation Example

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Free Poem Analysis Fire and Ice Dissertation Example

Student’s Name: Instructor Course: Date: Poem Analysis Fire and Ice is a short poem that tries to answer the question of the fate of the world. The author seems to share his personal experiences because the detail with which he expresses his poem is astounding. The poem is a one-stanza poem that has nine lines. The poem is worded in such a way that it contains three sets of rhymes namely: “-ice,” “-ire,” and “-ate.” Ironically, the first and second line affirms that the world will end in fire and ice. The two poems employ the use of various literary elements to explain the themes in the poems. Some of the literary elements include narration, metaphor, irony, and allegory among others. On the other hand, William Blake in his poem London gives a first-person narration on what he observes on the streets of London. He keenly narrates the appearances on the faces of the people, the state of the houses and the bloodstained soldiers. The poem has four stanzas with four lines each that produce regular rhyme scheme. There is a vivid description in the first line followed by repetition in the second line. “Mark,” in the following two lines reinforces the feelings of the poet. Additionally, there is irony in the third stanza when the poet meets a man to personify human encounter. Also, he uses a metaphor when he says “How the chimney-sweepers cry,” It is mystical because the reader cannot see them. Blake uses imagery to describe the start of life. A harlot mother bears a baby at midnight, and there is a blast of new life. In the poem Fire an Ice, the third line employs the use of a metaphor by comparing fire to desire and ice to hate. Additionally, he compares fire with food. As such, there is irony in the sense that food is nourishing but fire is destructive; hence cannot be compared. Morally, the poet’s use of allegory is that whatever come may, one should stand and suffice challenges. The above poems use different poetic devices to a...
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