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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Poetry Essential Questions the poet explored in the poem The writer of the rhyme in stanza one shows that no one knows him vividly. The writer answers the question “how many lines have you traced in my palms?” The writer criticizes the person who wants to wage war unto him. The person who plans war thinks that he knows the persona of the poem which is false. The writer says that the opponent knows nothing about the palm of the persona. The person who plans a war unto the persona has very little information. The opponent of the persona nods as if he has information which false. Three Poetic Techniques Used to Enhance the Theme The writer of the verse composition used figurative language, imagery, and diction to enhance the theme of the verse composition. The diction involves the choice of words to color the song. The writer says the head is full of blood to show the state of the persona. The persona was afraid because of the planned war unto him hence emphasizing on the theme of desperateness in the poem. Imagery involves the use phrases to represent objects or ideas. The writer of the song uses the line of the palm to elaborate how the opponent does not his actions. The person planning war unto the persona has little or no information. He only brags that he knows the persona. The poet tries to show the theme of the desperateness of the persona because of the fear of attack. The figurative language entails the use of phrases with different meaning form the literal meaning. For example, the writer uses lines on the palms to mean that the person who plans war unto the person has no information about the person. The figurative language describes the actions of the persona which shows that he is aware of the war planned and consoles him or herself. The degree in which an individual’s choices and, actions influence the direction of his or her life The alternatives one adopts...
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