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Free Poetry Quiz Dissertation Example

Name:Week 2 Poetry Quiz Please answer all the questions below in full, grammatically sound sentences. Do not quote the textbook when defining terms; rather, put the definition in your own words. Use examples/quotes to back up your points where applicable. Define the word diction and offer an example of formal and informal diction from this week’s reading. Diction in poetry can be described as the style employed by a poet in writing a poem. It is mostly determined by the types of words used by a poet. Diction makes it possible to achieve a particular tone in a poem. Denotation, which refers to words with literal meaning and connotation, which refers to the words whose meanings are implied contribute to the diction of a poem. Diction may also be formal, informal or colloquial. It may also involve coined word. An example of informal diction in the poem “snapping beans” is the line “when she asked, How’s school a-goin?” (15).The line depicts a conversation between the persona and her grandmother. An example of formal diction in the poem “Dog’s Death” by Updike is the term “malaise” in the line “We thought her shy malaise was a shot reaction” (5) whereby the poet would have used simple terms such as “unhappiness” and “anxiety”. The term depicts sophistication when one reads the line. Define tone and explain the tone of one of the works read this week. Tone in a poem refers to the attitude of a poet regarding a certain subject. It is also illustrated using the words chosen by a poet. It entails feelings and emotions. In the poem “Those Winter Days”, it can be viewed that the poet illustrates sadness and remorse or rather the poet depicts a sad and remorseful tone. The line “then with cracked hands that ached” depicts the persona’s sadness in regard to the harshness that life subjected to his father. Define denotation and offer an example of the term. Denotation refers to the literal meaning of a word. A good...
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