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Name Instructor Course Date Prison Life The law has provided clear steps of punishing law offenders with the most common being a prison sentencing. Prisons were established to free the society from lawbreakers as they also receive correction. This paper addresses the issues of the legal rights that inmates should enjoy, the limitations placed on the correctional officers regarding how to act in different situations, the methods used by facilities to balance inmates’ rights, and the differences in restrictions on inmates and offenders on community supervision. There are certain rights that all inmates should access while in prison. Most importantly, they have a right to humane conditions and facilities while in prison as well as the right to health care because they are still humans. Inmates should experience a right to free speech so that they can express themselves freely. Being in prison should not be a reason for mistreatment, and the law gives the prisoners a right to freedom from cruel and unusual punishment (Migliozzi and Sylvester 23). All inmates have the right to privacy. For example, they should enjoy privacy in showers or toilets, and their letters should be private. Prisoners with disabilities have the right to assert their rights as governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act that ensures the provision of facilities and programs they may require while in prison. Correctional facilities strive to balance inmates’ rights with the society including limiting the correctional officers to certain conduct so that they fairly maintain order in the facilities. The officers are expected to treat all inmates equally despite differences in religion, sex, race, and national origin to maintain harmony between them and the inmates. They should not deny inmates the right to administrative appeal, and they should allow inmates the freedom of speech. The facilities try to make life easier for both inmates and officers by upholding rights such as the...
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