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Name Instructor Course DatePersuasive Analysis: Proactiv Commercial The Proactiv anti-acne commercial by Lindsay Lohan is one of the most persuasive television Ads. In this advert, Lohan, the speaker, uses different techniques and language selections to convince potential customers that Proactiv is the product of choice when it comes to treatment of acne and maintenance of smooth skin. Therefore, given the content and context of this commercial, the Fisher’s Narrative Paradigm is the most appropriate perspective for analyzing the persuasive language as used in it. The Narrative Paradigm hinges on the credence that humans persuade best by telling stories and that emotions, values, and aesthetic considerations form the basis of humans’ beliefs and behaviors. As per this perspective, people are more likely to be persuaded by exceptional stories than exceptional arguments or reasons. The narrative paradigm has series of underlying assumptions, and the Lohan’s commercial seems to blend all these assumptions perfectly as it presents its major points to the audience. The first assumption is that humans are typically storytellers. Well, this supposition features seamlessly in the advert. The entire advert covers a story about the speaker’s experiences and successes with Proactiv; the reason why she recommends it to everyone potential buyer. The second assumption is that decisions about the worth of a story depend on the substance of reasons behind them. Lohan gives several reasons for fronting Proactiv. For instance, she says, “Proactiv heals acne, but the best thing is it is super gentle, so it works every day like skincare…” (Lihimispain 00:22). The third assumption is that good reasons are born out of culture, biography, character, and history. This point plays out well when Lohan says, “…Proactiv Solution was named the best acne treatment by Allure magazine” (0:34). Dimensions Additionally, Lohan’s Proactiv anti-acne commercial uses...
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