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Free Protection From Sexual Risks Dissertation Example

How Nurses help protect Young People from Sexual Risks Student’s Name University How Nurses help protect Young People from Sexual Risks Nurses care for young people in various contexts, including schools, communities, and acute care clinics and public health, which provides them with several chances to enhance young people’s reproductive and sexual health and minimize the rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unplanned pregnancy (Hart, Parker, Patterson, Hegarty & Sanci, 2012). To guarantee that young people have access to reproductive and sexual health care, including both treatment and preventive guidance, in all nursing practice settings, nurses should acquire the expertise and refine the skills needed for providing evidence-based services and counseling to young people. Altogether, nurses can apply their unique mix of skills and knowledge to make a positive effect on young people’s sexual outcomes. They have the opportunity and capacity to distribute information about reproductive and sexual health to young people in different settings like schools. Nurses protect young people from sexual risks by engaging the young persons in sexual health discussion or communication. In this case, nurses talk about the value of and tactics for communication with the sexual partner, parents, and nurse about expected or current sexual activity and the need for honest disclosure to parents about friends and of whereabouts. The discussion helps enlighten the young people about the sexual risks in their relationships and avoid unsafe sexual activity (Hart et al. 2012). Furthermore, nurses protect these young individuals from sexual risks by enabling them to understand the sexual orientation. Nurses apply their knowledge in sexual and reproductive health in helping the young individuals understand their sexual orientation, safety in school, gender identity, and offering local resources for peer support and counseling (Santa Maria, Guilamo-Ramos,...
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