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Free Queer Politics Dissertation Example

Name Instructor Course Date Queer politics Activists have had many perceptions of sexual identity which has to be a significant debate in most articles and matters of discussion in the state leadership. The queer political activist has not acted intensively to demolish all the conspiracy holdings around sexual identity. The frontline of their considerations have been on the roles of the different sexual victims and not stating the marginalization they face. In reality, one sexual identity obeying the norms and culture of the people prioritizes, and even politicians castigate the existence of other sexual characters. The queer political activist has led in the fight towards discrimination of gays and lesbians towards political considerations and other social contributions. In the writings of Cohen, the people are urged to object politics on queer that ignores the relevance of the different sex categories in the society. Cohen believes that when inclusivity prioritizes, then the community survives both politically and economically. Heterosexuality enjoys a lot of support from state organizations while queer, on the other hand, has been on castigation on the possibility of its existence. Individuals who have identified themselves as gay and lesbians face oppression from the community while they also need to be included in the system (Cohen, 437). Sex identity debates are numerous and of conspicuous conclusions but all the same, every individual has a perception. The world is full of Christians who have obligations to strictly follow the laws of the scripture which opposes other sex identities. In the political set up sexual identity contributes to priorities both in economic considerations and political chances of engagement. From my own life experience, I have come into contact with religious groups who oppose gays and lesbianism purporting omission of religious doctrines. If you are a political leader for example in the case of my country, you cannot vie...
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