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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Reply to William Post “The government has been making efforts to maintain justice in the American soil. Different factors determine the success of a justice system, and that makes it difficult for all the countries in the world to be at par when it comes to the justice system. To enhance equality, global justice allows justice to be served on the common ground that attaches humanity across the world. The fight the American are fighting in the hope to bring the global justice in foreign soil may seem to be futile. And as it is evident, many people may regard it as a waste of money and resources using the tax payer’s money to fuel a solution to the war that seems endless and fruitless. It is, however, quite fascinating that though the American’s involvement in the war does not have a direct result as many may have noticed, the soldiers there can contain the effects of the war and thus avoid it to rampage the whole world into pieces. The global justice system does not have a capacity to control everything, but their involvement prevents the scale of war from rising further. The Americans, if not the world at large, will have more to lose in case this was not the case. It owes it to the Americans and to the world to encourage justice beyond its own boundaries. The international laws allow countries to live in harmony and countries where they don’t just gloom the criminal who do bad things in their country and then search refuge in their neighborhoods (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 1). The concept of justice may not have a straightforward solution especially when politics are involved. The matter becomes worse when the leaders are involved in the acts to cause chaos and use the citizens to spread it. International justice comes into play when matters are out of control to be handled by an individual country. The international criminal court may come into play when actions of mass destruction...
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