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Free Revenue Control In Food And Beverage Operations Dissertation Example

Revenue Control in Food and Beverage Operations How are duplicate checks useful in determining expected food revenue in non-automated food operations? Servers usually return duplicate copies and present the original to customers. The duplicate copies are usually used to get the total sales by adding all the individual sales together. Managers can match the duplicate copies to the corresponding guest to help in computing the revenues. How do point-of-sale (POS) systems simplify guest check control functions? How do they help simplify the collection of accurate menu item sales and revenue data? These systems eliminate the need for most audit procedures which are usually very time-consuming. The POS systems help in collection accurate sales and revenue data by producing reports that list all guest checks, indicating the voided and returns. It distinguishes the returned from voided because returned items should be indicated in the inventory of usage reports (Nabar, 2012). Also, the managers and supervisors can access the system from any terminal, and this prevents any fraudulent activities by the servers and cashiers. What is a server banking system? A cashier banking system? A server banking system is a system for revenue collection in which servers and bartenders use personal banks of change for revenue collection, and they retain the whole collected amount up to the time they complete the shift, and they check out and present the money to those responsible. Cashier banking system is a system of collecting payments in which the guests make payments to the cashier. How is a daily cashier's report used to compare standard (expected) revenue and actual revenue collected when a manual revenue system is used? If a non-automated system is used, the register records are added up and summarized at the end of each shift, showing the total amounts of revenue collected. The manager can then use the data to make a comparison with the expected revenue to gauge...
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