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Free Sacrifice By Elton John Dissertation Example

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Number: Date: "Sacrifice" by Elton John “Sacrifice” was written by Bernie Taupin and performed by the legendary John Elton. Elton is an English performer and pianist, and one of the bestselling musicians of all times. On the other side, Bernie is a talented English poet and lyricist who worked with Elton from the 1960s. The duo has done more than 30 albums together. Understanding the history of Bernie Taupin is particularly essential in the analysis of this song. It will serve as evidence of the often-overstated fact that the composer’s environment, culture, and experiences influence literary works. These works also reflect the everyday events in the society. It is said that Bernie Taupin was a frustrated man as far as love and relationships are concerned. He had been in and out of many love affairs. It is therefore understandable that he chooses to write about the difficulties of romantic relationships. With expert use of literary devices and descriptive phrases, Bernie effectively articulates his message. Elton’s piece is a ballad. The setting of the song is most likely in the persona’s mind. “Most likely” because it is also possible that the persona is speaking directly to his former wife. The persona is contemplating about a broken romantic relationship. The couple loves each other, but the man is attracted to other women, “Of each married man/ Sweet deceit comes calling” (John Stanza 2 Line 3-4). When the woman finds out that the man has been cheating on her, she is emotionally crushed. She finally decides to divorce him. They cut ties and “Their hearts now live/ In two separate worlds” (Stanza 4 Line 3-4). The persona is regretting and reflecting about the divorce wondering whether it was a real sacrifice. The tone of the song is remorseful, and at the same time factual. It is remorseful because the persona is expressing regret over his past actions that lead to the divorce. By...
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