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Free School Improvement Plan Dissertation Example

School Improvement Plan Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The value of a school is the elements that are brought together by the principal. This is not a specific quote but may be said to provide a summary of what a school needs. Teaching is a hectic profession, more so, being an administrator of a school is even harder. This is because “there is an urge that needs to ensure that there is a form of coordination in the whole school system” (Florida School Leaders, 2013). It has been stated that what makes a good principal is his or her ability to make everyone feel included within the school premises and his or her availability for consultations by the parents, the faculty and most importantly, the students. This paper seeks to analyze a situation that is currently in existence in a certain school, an analysis of the school climate created by the administrator’s communication method will provide an insight in the functionality of the school as well as its chances of doing well if the status quo persisted. After that a need assessment of the current scenario will be done, the objectives of the improvement plan and recommendations given for the improvement of communication in the school. Analysis of the Scenario The sample of the previous sample evaluation form provides a clear guideline for anyone that wishes to understand the school’s position as it is. It is a mirror of the school, one that does not provide the most appropriate reflection. From the sample, it is clear that the previous principal had little to no communication skills that are needed of a principal. He or she did not make any effort to connect with either the students or the faculty, furthermore the relevant stakeholders, who are parents. Referring to the sample, the principal was not a good listener. The fact that he rarely listened to what was told to him means that he rarely took into consideration what was being said. “The effect that such action has is to dissuade both the...
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