Macintyre, Ricoeur, And Charles Taylor On The Concept Of Self And Rationality Dissertation Example

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Free Macintyre, Ricoeur, And Charles Taylor On The Concept Of Self And Rationality Dissertation Example

Dissertation Introduction: This paper is an analysis of Ricoeur, Taylor and Macintyre's notions of rationality and self. The paper offers the differences and similarities between all three theorists on rationality and self. It also avails a critical appraisal of these two concepts. For example, Taylor Charles proposes that socially established ethical and moral standards are used to map individual actions and behavior. For example, individuals willing to build a future model of themselves will leverage the societal understanding of the model stereotypes they want to be. Ricoeur Paul on ‘self’ advances that the story narrative is instrumental in the construction of ‘self’ identity. This means individuals with the ability to give an honest narrative of their lives may end up offering crucial indicators that explain their lives. The third scholar Macintyre, on self and rationality, is of the idea that rationality is the sum total of one’s values, morals, and their moral compass. Also, that rationality differs from individual to another; a fact that underscores the current variations in international justice regimes. Of special concern for the paper will be to offer an exhaustive analysis of scholarly views and contributions; alongside comparisons of major arguments among the three scholars. Taylor Charles’ Theory On self: Taylor’s concept perceives the self of a person as an articulation product. This art tenure assumes certain sets of psychological attitudes, like motivations, desires, emotions, inclinations, and feelings. However, these attitudes are not comparable to the individual's self for two main reasons. Firstly, every psychological states and attitude regularly inchoate and vague; they never offer an individual the ‘true’ identity of self. As a result, such there must be an articulation of such states and attitudes. That is, the individual must interpret, as well as lastly constitute, such states and attitudes in some way.  For...
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