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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Article Review Gayle Rubin examines how the western society has used sex as a political agent to implement dominance and repression. Rubin has helped to analyze the modern culture, specifically on its hypocrisy and subjugation that always waits to discriminate against those of different sexual orientation. In the article, Rubin has focused on gays, lesbianism, voyeurism, women, sadism, and children among others. The current society has institutionalized sex as a social norm instead of a biological need. The author has stated the truth about the Western Culture as well as other cultures that only refers to sexuality as a monogamous activity with a sole purpose of reproduction. Rubin supports her argument that sex is categorized as a political agent in the current culture through various claims. For example, she claims, “the only adult sexual behavior that is legal in every state is the placement of the penis in the vagina in wedlock” (Rubin 159). She supports the claim using Foucault and the theory that argues the institutionalization of sex (Rubin 149). The part particular refers to my life experience is the existence of the law that forbids children from sexual participation and activity. There are sanctions on the materials that children can see in the classrooms and movies. I remember my parents' strictness on which movies and magazines I could watch or read when I was old enough. What I would ask is that why is it right to show children bodies of war victims to children in classroom and “inappropriate magazines?” Therefore, Rubin has placed a perfectly reasonable argument on sexuality in the society and can help in expanding other people’s opinions on the subject. It is true that sex has been transformed as a political agent that is used to repress people who have different sexual interests to the majority. Works Cited Rubin, Gayle. "Thinking sex: Notes for a radical theory of the politics of...
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