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Free Sexual Identity and Communication Dissertation Example

Name Institution Course Date Sexual Identity and Communication Even though conventional politics experienced challenges of accelerating cultural and erotic diversity, postmodern politics acknowledges the contribution of sexuality in addressing issues related to equality and fairness in the sexual endorsement transformation. Currently, sexuality acts as constitutive elements in politics (Lovaas and Jenkins 41). Additionally, the concerns of relationship, lifestyle, and sexual practices have reached the cultural mainstream in various forms such as representation, fashion, political strategies, sexual techniques, and decent conversation. However, the concerns have resulted in sexual identity issues. The challenging nature of sexual distinctiveness forms the primary focus in identifying the direction, the meaning of sexual values, and the morals of erotic politics in the society presently (Lovaas and Jenkins 42). I believe the book promotes responsibilities of communication in the performance and establishment of sexualities in the public discourse and interpersonal context in the daily life of an individual. Readers of the book benefit from improved comprehension in sexuality intersection with various identity establishments or constructions. The reading introduces the implication and concept of peculiar paradigm. Moreover, as an educator, I suppose the intended message of the book encourages the readers or students to eradicate stereotypical concerns in the society. The concepts of the reading assist alleviating heterosexual and gay or lesbianism identity issues, thereby promoting practical communication strategies in the contemporary culture. Sexualities and communication create awareness and motivate an individual’s capability to acknowledge heteronormativity in the society. Ultimately, the evaluation of desire in a person’s daily vocabulary, relationship, and interaction continues to pay a significant role in facilitating complete comprehension of...
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