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Free Slavery As A National Issue Dissertation Example

Students Name: Course: Date: Introduction After the colonization of the United States by the Europeans, there was vast land growth, plenty of work but there was inadequate labor force. A lot of labor was needed to work in the fields which included both men and women. White servants who came from Europe engaged themselves in providing the labor required, but the problem of the inadequate workforce was not solved. The problem was solved in the early 17th century when a Dutch ship carrying African slaves arrived in the United States. The new world started using slaves to provide the labor force in their large farms of tobacco among other cash crops. The issue of slavery came to rise in the early 1840s and 1850s. According to politicians from Indiana, they believed that the issue of slavery in the United States was wrong. The issue of slaves became so heated between the then two major political parties that Indiana politicians had to give in to some of the demands made by politicians from the south. Although the war of slavery between the northern and the southern politicians was getting out of hand, Hoosier politicians were willing to make a compromise (Svoboda, 72-75). This was because the Hoosiers had more devotion to the slave union compared to their antislavery beliefs. Since the northerners did not depend solely on agriculture for their economy unlike the southern citizens who needed the labor force from the slaves, the north politicians needed slavery abolished. Slavery became a national issue when people from the north demanded slave abolishment laws which became enraging to the southern and Hoosier politicians. The issue of slavery continued to be debated during the constitutional convention. The reason for the continued debates on slavery was because the delegates from the northern states wanted slavery to be abolished in the United States which was different from the politicians from the south. The slavery issue had calm down for about 30 years but...
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