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Student's Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Sockeye Salmon Statistics Program mean standard deviation Implicit none Integer: Number, IOstatus Real: data, Sum1, Sum2 Real: Mean, Var, Std Number=0 The total Sum 1=0.0 The total Sum2=0.0 Do Read (*,*,IOSTAT=IOstatus) data If (IOstatus<0) Exit Number=Number+1 Write (*,*) “Data item”,Number,”:”,data End Do Call Results (Sum1, Sum2, Mean, Number, Var, Std) Call print results (Mean, Number, Var, Std) Subroutine Sums(x,Sum,SumSQR) The Implicit none The eal, intent (in) : x The real, intent (inout) :Sum, SumSQR Sum = sum+x SumSQR =SumSQR+ x*x The end subroutine sums Subroutine results (Sum,SumSQR,n,Mean, Variance, Std Dev) The Implicit none Integer, intent (in) : : n Real, intent (in) : : Sum,SumSQR Real, intent (out) : :Mean,Variance,StdDev The Mean =Sum/n Variance= (Sum SQR-Sum*Sum/n)/n-1 StdDev= SQRT (Variance) End Subroutine The Subroutine print results (): The Subroutine print results (mean, variance, StdDev) The Implicit none Integer, intent (in) : :n Real, intent (in) ::Mean,Variance,StdDev Write (*,*) Write (*,*) “ Number of data items =”, n Write (*,*) “Mean =”, Mean Write (*,*) “Variance =”, Variance Write (*,*) “Standard deviation =”, Std Dev End subroutine print result End results mean standard deviation Explanation The overall data has a do exit end do. On every iteration, an input value is interpreted into data. Bear in mind that iostat= is used in the read statement. Therefore, if the value of iostatus becomes negative, end of file is concluded, and the execution leaves the do loop. Otherwise, the chief program possesses subroutine sums () to add the input value results toad and also square of the data to sum2 (Kulisch et al. 26). Meanwhile, after coming to the end of the file, the end comes with the execution mostly to the second call. This calls for subroutine results () to deal...
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