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Free Spare Parts And Inventory Dissertation Example

Study proposal of spare parts and inventory systems Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Statement of purpose The primary purpose of my project is to analyze how the management of spare parts and inventory supplies are carried out in various stores and how data is kept considering the ever-rising number of automobiles in the world at large. This paper will also purpose to classify different spare parts and inventories as well as its control. Description of the spare parts and inventory matters Since spare parts are different category from other inventories in all types of companies keen study would be undertaken to understand them and the role in the society today. In my study, I would like to look into the expectation of the customers in matters concerning the quality of these products and its accompanied services. I would look into the cases of lack and delay in supply of spare parts and how it affects the customers. In fact, some spare part has high demand but supply or availability is wanting. The products with the high demand are those which are subject to great wearing and those needed for preventive maintenance. Spare parts are also studied concerning it continued complexity due to advancement in technology and life cycles which render them obsolete over time. The distinction of repairable and disposable parts are also made. As a team, we also intend to study and weigh the cost of purchasing new spare parts as compared to repair and maintenance using old and refurbished spare parts. My study will also focus on the trends of supply and sales and how computer software has been applied in control and also in locating, naming and identifying specific spare parts and inventory systems available in the storerooms. Explanation of the relevance of my study of spare parts and my course of study in general Indeed, the subject of spare parts and other inventories management and control and other understanding of the subject is applicable and...
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