Strategies For Reducing Violence In The Community Dissertation Example

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Free Strategies For Reducing Violence In The Community Dissertation Example

Strategies for Reducing Violence in the Community Student’s name University Abstract High violence prevalence rates have increased in the USA due to the failure of the crime prevention and detection techniques. Community violence comprises organized violence, gang violence and drug-related violence. Community policing, massive incarceration and employment of the kingpin strategy have failed to reduce high violence rates in the society. The failure of the techniques has led to high recidivism. Focused deterrence encompasses identification of violent persons in the community, and allowing the law enforcement regiments to primarily focus on the groups. Focused deterrence has been confirmed to reduce recidivism among violent persons and ensures that prevention of violence is the key to the success of the approach. Cognitive behavioral therapy employs clinical psychological approaches to modify the moral edicts and behavior of the criminals to become good persons in the society. BAM is one of the programs that infused cognitive behavioral therapy in the initiative leading to high levels of violence reductions among repeated offenders. Crime reduction strategies have been implemented across the globe with variations in success. Crime has affected nearly all facets of the economic units across the nation. Different policymakers have employed diverse strategies with the hope of reducing community violence in their jurisdictions. Gang violence, domestic violence, and drug-related violence are the most common forms of violence across the globe (Butts, Roman, Bostwick, & Porter, 2015). Latin America has the highest rates of violence across the globe with Guatemala, Mexico, USA, and Honduras experiencing high violent crime rates. Recent research indicates that only 0.5% of the population engage in violence, while violence is dominated in certain areas only across different jurisdictions. Most nations are using incarceration to reduce violence leading to high...
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