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Free Student advising expert system Dissertation Example

Expert System Abstract – This paper is a discussion of the design, implementation, and testing of the student advising expert system. The knowledge acquisition techniques and tools are chosen for the project are examined, including the evaluation schemes. The final conclusion that the expert system was successful is given together with the corresponding evidence. Introduction The analysis of a student’s performance in various aspects of a subject is crucial since it helps determine their strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, the student can focus their attention on areas they need to improve. For example, a student may have scored more than 60% on the first assignment, more than 50% on the second assignment, less than 50% on the final exam, attended more than 70% of the classes, and spent less than 20 hours per week on a unit. This student failed the subject, and the proposed system consequently advise the student to increase effort in the exam section. The development of this expert system will help redefine the relationship between a student advisor and a student. In some cases, a single student advisor is supposed to handle records for over 200 students which can be quite cumbersome if not impossible to keep accurate records of each student. Thus, the project is aimed at the development of an intelligent system that offers advice to students. The objective presented in this paper is the creation of an intelligent system that can analyze a student’s assignments and exam performance, attendance, and time spent on the unit and makes a decision on how the student is performing then gives advice on what needs improvement. The system has been designed to address the challenge of providing advice to students especially in cases where the student advisor is overwhelmed by work. The expert system uses a significant centralized domain information repository, and a reasoning scheme to enforce the rules to the problems. This paper will provide reasoning for...
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