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My Study Environment I have tried to study in different environments, including a noisy environment like a room full of music. At the end of my study time, I would assess myself to find how much I had grasped. I realized that I scored the lowest marks in noisy environments. This means I grasped very little in that kind of environments. I have always believed that the mind works best when it is given time to relax and release tension. As such, I prefer to study in areas that have minimum interruptions that are likely to strain my brains resulting in loss of concentration. Studying in a quiet environment helps me attain utmost concentration. Over the years, I have come to realize that I do best in quiet areas. As such, I like studying in the library since it offers the best environment for the mind to concentrate. Libraries are quiet places rich in modern books and other current sources of information. The resources are well organized, allowing me to access any material I require with ease. Furthermore, the conditions are well optimized to enable students, scholars and researchers concentrate on their studies. The temperature and the lighting are well regulated increasing my level of concentration. In case I require any kind of clarifications, the librarians possess the necessary knowledge to make me understand. Sometimes I prefer studying in public libraries. This allows me to have discussions with my study group. Discussion groups in the library allow me to get clarifications on some important details from my peer’s perspective. Finally, the breaks that I take during my study are recreational. They allow me to meet and talk with people who help me to grow career wise (Tanabe and Tanabe, 2016). References Tanabe, G. & Tanabe, K. (2016). How to write a winning scholarship essay: including 30 essays that won over $3 million in scholarships. Belmont, CA:...
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