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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Switzerland Franc The upsurge of the Switzerland franc currency into overdrive has been associated with several reasons. Switzerland has apparently had an outsized criticalness to the international financial community, and its currency could not be exempted. Interestingly, the Swiss franc is one of the most exchanged currency on the foreign trade markets, despite the fact that it is relatively low economy characterized by its ostensible GDP. The exchange rate peg introduced in 2013 by the Switzerland National Bank (SNB) was done amid a turmoil that characterized global financial market. After the introduction of the exchange rate, investors flocked the Swiss franc as a "place of refuge" alongside American government securities. The influx of investors pushed the currency to greater values (Bernholz, 403). Consequently, the costly franc harmed Switzerland in light of the fact that the economy became intensely dependent on exports. The exports thus tremendously increased to a worth more than GDP of 70% (OECD 1). From 2013, January onward to end of 2014 the SNB had accumulated approximately 480 billion dollars values of the foreign exchange money, an aggregate equivalent to around 70% of the GDP of Swiss. The histrionic rise in the Swiss franc from 2015 was expected due to one key occasion ahead of schedule at the beginning of the year. On January 15, the SNB suddenly expelled the peg of 1.20 francs for each US dollar. In the underlying response to the action, the Swiss franc revitalized a huge 25 percent against the US dollar. The move caused a significant change in the business sectors and even constrained some remote trade intermediaries bankrupt (Bernholz, 403). The economic asset in the US and desires that the Federal Reserve might be prepared to increase the 2015 interest rates made the Swiss franc debilitate significantly against the U.S dollar. The Swizz franc shock of 2016 will go...
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