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Free Teacher Information Behavior Dissertation Example

Student’s Name: Professor: Course: Date: Teacher Information Behavior Introduction In the study on the notion of relevance in teacher information behavior, Diekema and Olsen describe teacher information behavior as relevant in tasks such as sharing information, teaching, managing files and teaching preparations. The study was carried out through a comprehensive procedure that entailed several participants. The study’s findings comprised of several subheadings with detailed discussions. Study procedure The procedure used to carry out the study was qualitative research. The chosen sample comprised of eight teachers in elementary schools, sixteen educators from secondary schools. The secondary school teachers were chosen from both middle schools and high school. They were seven and nine respectively. In total, the study involved a total of twenty-four samples. The main instruments used to collect data from the participants were interviewed. The primary researcher was tasked with the responsibility of conduction all the interviews. The researchers fully reviewed the interview transcripts and thematically coded them. Additional methods used to acquire research data were observation. The researchers observed the teachers’ information spaces and management. They also took photographs of some information spaces for further observations. The details regarding the study’s preparations were adequate. The researchers used a sample that reflected educators who serve the information needs of a diverse population. For instance, the participants selected from Utah school districts serve huge populations of one thousand and three hundred students (Diekema and Olsen 5). I thoroughly understood the study description. Diekema and Olsen provided all the necessary details why the study was conducted, the methods used to gather data, and ho the participants were chosen and selected. Findings In the study’s findings, Diekema and Olsen discussed three major...
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