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TECTONIC PLATES Name Institution Instructor Date Abstract For this project, I will concentrate on earth movements and specifically faults. I will define what plate tectonic theory is and discuss the forms of plate boundaries these are; divergent, convergent and transform. I will then visit the USGS Advanced National Seismic Station (ANSS) and choose one ANSS station (Amarillo, Texas). USGS is the initial for United States Geological Survey (Lomnitz, 2013). I will give the details concerning the station, for instance, its designation, elevation, and date it commenced. I will then visit the USGS fault maps and identify a fault nearest to me (Alamogordo) give its age and slip rate then I will provide the method and evidence geologists use to determine the age of a fault line. After this, I will visit the National Geographic Mapmaker and name the plate on which I live and my nearest plate. Lastly, I will identify and give the name of the category of the boundary formed among my plate and the plate neighboring me. What is the plate tectonic theory? Explain the types of plate boundaries, and provide 1 example for each type of plate boundary. Plate tectonic theory states that the exterior cover of the earth is separated into plates that interchange through the earth unfolding to one another (Lomnitz, 2013).The types of plate boundaries include: Divergent boundary: where one plate moves away from the other. The movement creates cracks from where lava flows out, and incredibly heated water is example of a divergent boundary is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Convergent boundary: In this case, two plates collide for instance a continental plate and an oceanic plate. The collision can lead to volcanism and lava flows out. An example of this is a crater such as St. Helena’s. Transform boundary: Here two plates slide one over the other following opposite directions. The movement does not produce magma but may cause an earthquake due to energy build up by the two...
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