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Free The aspect of assessment in pedagogy Dissertation Example

EXAM PAPER ANALYSIS Student’s Name Course Tutor University City/State Date Introduction The aspect of assessment in pedagogy is significant in the determination of the amount of learning that takes place among the learners through the student performance. Essentially, such identification of cognitive skills enables the educators to establish whether the process of teaching and learning achieves the desired goals and objectives as well as the expected learning outcomes. The assessment process takes various modes including oral, observational, assignments, and written examination questions, which is the most popular means of assessing the student performance to identify the level of learning. The results obtained from the examination paper reflect the level of competence that the student acquired from the subject matter and expressed as the basis of the cognitive abilities or capabilities. The cognitive abilities are demonstrated through problem-solving, critical thinking, the performance of procedures, information management, communication, as well as individual management and development (Forehand, 2010, 42). Through the examination questions in the assessment, the teacher can identify the strengths and gaps in learning to facilitate the modification of the teaching process based on the grade level of the students. The areas for modification can entail the methods of delivery, course content, duration of sessions, the form of assessment, teacher-student interaction, or even the institutional organization. In that regard, the Bloom's taxonomy provides a reliable design and procedures for establishing appropriate assessment technique for the students. It is worth noting that Bloom's taxonomy was developed by Benjamin Bloom in collaboration with David Krathwohl, Walter Hill, and Max Englehart in 1956 (Anderson, 2014, 36). The purpose was to establish an elaborate framework for the categorization of the educational goals in pedagogy for promoting higher...
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