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Free The Crisis of Liberal Democracy Dissertation Example

Dissertation Example of The Crisis of Liberal Democracy: Liberal democracy refers to a form of government where representative democracy is practiced. Under such governments, the powers to make decisions by the people who are elected as representatives are regulated by the constitution. Such constitution ensures that the rights and freedoms of the people are protected. It also puts restrictions on the leaders and the extent to which the majority rule can be applied against the rights of the minority groups. The rights and freedoms that are protected by the constitution under liberal democracies vary and usually includes; The right of every individual to due process and fair hearing, The people’s rights to privacy, rights to own property and the right for equal treatment before the law. The constitution also provides for such freedoms as the freedoms of speech, freedom to assemble and expression of one’s religion. Major characteristics of liberal democracies are pluralism and tolerance. These characteristics offer wide and differing views, both socially and politically. All the members of the society are allowed the the equal chance of existence and are free to compete freely and fairly for political power. Elections are periodically held in liberal democracies.This provides a platform for groups who have differing political views to compete and achieve political power effectively. Since these elections are practically won by groups that support liberal democracy, the system automatically perpetuates itself. Crisis of liberal democracy While liberal democracy presents a favorable political and social environment regarding protection of individual rights and the interests of the minority, the world has had serious cases of crises in liberal democracies. There have been cases where the rights of the individuals are completely abused, the interests of the minorities are ignored, and those opposed to the ruling governments are seriously...
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