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Name Professor Course Date The essence of the human soul Introduction Concerning the essence of the soul, Foster and Humphries maintained that there is still doubt about the initial aspect to be considered when defining anything. Many people seek to understand the genus of the soul, and whether it is a substance, quality, or quantity. Man is not always defined as a substance but as an animal. Because the soul is part of a human being, it takes the genus of an animal. Rowan and Louis added that it is not possible for the human soul to be a form and a definite thing. The reason was that if a soul was a particular thing, then it could undertake acts of existence in the virtue of its existence. The philosophers also mentioned that the unity between a body and a soul happen accidentally. Other philosophers claimed that the soul could not be somewhat subsistent. They reasoned that a substance is said to be a “certain thing.” It was also argued that if the soul were subsistent, then it would operate independently just like the body. Augustine differed with them by stating that the quality the mind or the soul is both incorporeal and substance. Similarly, Thomas Aquinas understood that the tenet of intellectual operation or the soul is both disembodied and subsistent. Aquinas posited that through the intellectual man, one could gain awareness of all incorporeal things. Aquinas also differentiated between a body and a soul. He mentioned that each body has its unique determinate nature. The intellectual tenet or the soul operates variously in each fragment of the body. For instance, when a man’s tongue is vitiated by bitter and feverish humor, it becomes unresponsive to anything sweet. The situation demonstrates that the intellectual principle operating in the human body cannot know all bodies. In my view, a soul is an act of the body. Although the soul is independent, it exists alongside the human body. The soul is both incorruptible and subsistent. Unlike...
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