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I am the man who only wants to remain happy; Committed to working as a soldier, to a millionaire, Engaging in social evils in the society for a lady, Trying to perturb her to love me like she did before. Very famous and wealthy, Living a lavish kind of lifestyle holding parties during weekends, Becoming formidable for not mingling with any individual, Searching for her being the main activity I focus on. A man with a unique personality standing out from the rest, I personally obstinate to all instructions and advice, Yet seem confused and complicated in the long run, A simple man from North Dakota whom nobody understands my source of fortune. However, I am a rude, dishonest and an unreliable man, Lying about the people who are conversant about my deeds, Changing my identification at the age of seventeen years, Just to change the name from Jimmy Gatz to Jay Gatsby. Miss Daisy changed me to Jimmy Gatsy whom people currently recognize, I did all this for the love I had for her nobody could intervene, Known as an extraordinary and optimistic man very responsible in the society, Taking the course of my dreams to become successful in life. The dream I had for her was far from reality, It made me so blind that you became elusive to reality, The strange dream that brought death to you without realization, However, nobody could be held reliable for the reproach. The dream could not come to a reality, The two personalities Gatz and Gatsby were both blind, I was blinded by love yet in a position to determine my social status, The famous man suffered from heartaches by not accepting...
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